Waisted Together is a waist trainer that shapes the body. They attack unwanted fat areas and help strengthen the core. It works by reducing the natural waistline by slowly pulling in the laced corset over time. The body will shift and adjust to the trainer, but this is not a permanent fix. The person has to wear the waist trainer for long consecutive periods of time for the best results.

How does it work

Waist trainers are used to create an hourglass shape of the body. The goal of waist training is to strengthen muscles and reduce the layers of fat to create a flatter stomach. It does not change the person’s hip size, but removes layers of fat to make a slimmer appearance. The process of waist training is known as tight-lacing or cinching. This practice has been around for centuries aiding women to get the ideal body shape.

Waist training drastically reduces the user’s size with a good diet, exercise and wearing the corset. There are different types of waist trainers to choose from such as a latex waist cincher, latex girdle vest, and Colombian sport shapewear. Before going out and buying a waist trainer, it is advised that the customer meet with a professional to decide which type of waist trainer and diet would work best for them.

Getting Started

After a waist cincher has been picked out, the customer will discuss what they should and should not do during this process. Every waist trainer differs from any other. Many recommend using a steel bone because it is the most durable and last the longest. When putting on the waist trainer, it should be able to hook on the 3rd hook and should not roll over the waist. If it rolls over the waist, it is too small. The waist trainer will feel uncomfortable at first, but should not be causing pain and the person wearing it should not have difficulty breathing.

It is important that results are not overnight, and the body will need time to adjust. It is important to remain patient and follow a diet and exercise regime along with wearing the trainer for long periods of time.